Welcome to Cowshill!

This tiny Hamlet in Weardale at the top of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty seems little more than a few houses pulled together in the midst of hill farms and endless moors. But there is strong glue binding those homes and their people into a close community. Our village hall, our pub and our church combine to provide the center that pulls us together in good times and bad. Cowshill is much more than the sum of its parts.

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The Village Hall

The village hall, originally the church hall and now officially the Cowshill and Lanehead Village Hall, was built by the local parish in 1909. As church membership declined the hall gradually fell into disuse and slow decay. Happily, it was taken over by a newly created local charity, and a complete interior restoration was completed in 2006. Activities at the hall bring together everyone from born and bred Weardalians to the newest incomers, forging a real sense of a community for everyone.

The Church

The church in Cowshill is St. Thomas Church, the parish church of Heathery Cleugh parish in the Diocese of Durham. Although, like nearly all rural churches, the membership is in decline, the church still plays an important role in our community.

The Pub

    Our local pub, the Cowshill Hotel, has a long history in the village. It's been many years since you could get a room for the night here, but the pub, with weekend dining, has continued to be an essential part of Cowshill life.               Unhappily the pub has been temporarily closed while landlady Tiffy recovers from illness.
    However, tonight - 1 March 2018 - the pub will be reopening with daughter Suzie behind the bar while Tiffy takes on a more managerial role.
    More will be reported here shortly!

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